Get Brawling Gloves on RuneScape to Speed Up You Leveling

accountmmo Date: Oct/20/14 11:15:49 Views: 274

In order to speed up the leveling process, many RuneScape members choose to get Brawling Gloves, very rare items that players can only obtain by battling and successfully killing Revenants, which are strong enough to deliver blows that will take away 200 hitpoints. Brawling Gloves temporarily increase the amount of experience you receive but, after a certain number of uses, disintegrate and must be reacquired.


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Leave one or two Forinthry Bracelets in your inventory. These make you immune to damage from Revenants for one minute, but will crumble after five uses. You should only use one charge when you enter the dungeon, and the rest of the charges when you face Revenants at a higher level (50+).

Take any useful items that you don't mind losing. You will be fighting Revenants in Wilderness that is above level 20, where player-killers may attack you. Have a teleportation method that you can use in an emergency, and always use the Protect from Item prayer. Don't take any money or anything else unnecessary.

Go to the northeast corner of the Forinthry Dungeon, located in the middle of the Wilderness. Monitor the map for any white dots at all times. Protect yourself from both player-killers and aggressive monsters of the dungeon.

Kill Revenants and collect all their valuable drops. Some items that Revenants drop are artifacts, corrupt dragon equipment and ancient equipment, as well as Brawling Gloves.

Leave the dungeon and bank the Brawling Gloves as soon as you get them.