How to Buy a Runescape Account Safely Online

accountmmo Date: Oct/22/14 11:38:20 Views: 909

There's many sites on the Internet dedicated to selling RuneScape accounts. You should want to do this if you don't have patience for levelling up your player, or if you are having trouble doing so. You will be buying this account with real money.


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1.Find a reliable site for buying the account. This is done easily by either asking a friend of yours with experience, asking on a forum or simply doing some research yourself. You could Google "Buy RuneScape Account", and the first sites that appear are usually reliable. Look for a good price too!

2.Decide on the type of account you want to buy. First: Magician, Warrior or Ranger? Pay a lot of attention to the level of the player you are buying, and which items the player comes with.

3.Enter in contact with the responsible. It's a good idea to enter in contact with the person selling the account - there will usually be the option to contact the owner of the account either via E-Mail or IM (instant messaging). Then you should get the land-based telephone number of the person, to ensure the person is where said. Talk with the person to get an idea of the responsibility and realness of the seller. It's also a plus that you have the persons number to enter in contact, case anything goes wrong.

4.Negotiate price. Since you have already chosen to buy an account from a certain seller, then you should be okay with the price, but for your good you can always suggest a little lower price - if the seller says no, just pay the amount you initially knew about. Also, make sure everything listed is included in the price. (Items)

5.Pay for the account. Pay through a reliable and secure program (PayPal is good), and set a limit of time in which you should receive password and account information for you to log in. Remember to have talked and agreed on everything with the accounts seller before you do this.

6.When your information has arrived. When everything is in place - the payment has been made, and your information has been given to you, you should immediately change the account name and password. If not, you could get either hacked or tricked.