How to Use Magic in Runescape

accountmmo Date: Nov/14/14 11:51:41 Views: 850

Magic is one of the most interesting parts of RuneScape. Heck, it's where the game gets its name, from the magic Runes you need to cast spells. So why not put down the sword for a second and learn some arcane power?


runescape magic guide

Gather runes. All spells are cast by using runes, so if you don't have any runes, you won't be casting any spells. You can buy runes at stores, but finding them yourself by killing monsters and searching chests is a much cheaper way to get them, especially at low levels. You can never have too many runes, and if you think you do, store them in the bank and go hunting for more.

Once you've got runes, it's time to start some basic spellcasting. Air runes and mind runes will let you cast Air Strike, a level 1 spell. Once you do this enough, you can add water runes at level 5 and cast Water Strike. Replace the water with Earth and Fire at higher levels, and eventually progress through Bolts and Waves for bigger attack spells.

Not all offensive spells do damage. Water, Earth and Body runes will let you Confuse, Weaken and Curse your opponents to lower their combat abilities.

If you're going to be doing much magic, especially for gaining experience, be sure to grab an Elemental Staff. This will let you cast spells without using runes of the staff's element. For example, while wielding an air staff, you can cast Wind Strike for the cost of just a single mind rune.

Spells can also enhance your inventory. Cosmic runes are required to enchant items, forging powerful rings and amulets. Nature runes will help you transform bones into food or unwanted items into gold.

Finally, one of the most useful aspects of magic is the teleport. Law and Air runes form two of the three main components of this class of spell, with the final rune often determined by where you want to go. But once you can teleport, your travel time between cities in the game will be vastly increased.