Making Money With Gold Bars in RuneScape

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Crafting is a trainable skill available to member and nonmember players in the online game "RuneScape." Crafting involves creating jewellery, dragonhide armour, glass items and pottery from raw materials. Gold bars are the finished product of smelting gold ore. Gold ore is an inexpensive method to train the smithing skill and many players search for profitable methods to use the gold bars. You can make a profit by crafting gold bars into jewellery.


rs gold ore

Obtain a mould from a crafting store or from the workshop in your player-owned house (POH). All varieties of jewellery accumulate a profit if crafted from gold bars. The Grand Exchange price of a gold bar is 95 gold. A gold amulet (strung and unstrung) sells for 121, gold ring sells for 140, gold necklace sells for 177 and gold bracelet sells for 211.Fill your inventory with a mould and gold bars.

Teleport or walk to any furnace throughout "RuneScape." Furnaces conveniently located near a bank include Al-Kharid, Falador, Port Phasmatys (member-only) and Edgeville (members-only).

Use a gold bar on the furnace. A dialog box will appear on your screen giving examples of the items you can create. Select the appropriate piece of jewellery and make sure "All" is selected. This setting crafts all gold bars in your inventory. If you wish to change the amount, use the drop-down menu and select the appropriate amount of jewellery you desire.Sell the jewellery at the Grand Exchange and receive the profit.

Tips & Warnings
1).To craft a gold ring, you must have a minimum of level five Crafting. Gold necklaces require a level six Crafting. Gold bracelets require a level seven Crafting (members-only) and gold amulets require level eight Crafting.
2).If you have at least level 46 Summoning, you can use a Pyrelord familiar to aid in the crafting of jewellery. The Pyrelord's scroll, Immense Heat, smelts gold bars into jewellery without the need of a furnace.