RuneScape Upgrate Guide:Make Potions in RuneScape

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Making potions in RuneScape is a skill that can be very useful. To make potions in RuneScape you have to put certain ingredients together and brew the potions. Potions can be effective for a variety of things, from raising your defense level to using as poison. Learning to make potions in RuneScape it is not very difficult, but certain requirement must be met.


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Upgrade your RuneScape accounts, if necessary. If you are playing with a free RuneScape account, you will have to pay for a subscription to convert your account to a paid membership account. Only members are able to make potions in RuneScape.

Complete the Druidic Ritual Quest. In order to make potions, you need a Herblore skill level of at least 3. You can get to this level by completing the Druidic Ritual Quest. This is a very short members-only quest in Varrock.

Get your ingredients. All potions are made with three ingredients: the vial of water, the primary herb and the secondary ingredient. If you have a farming level of 9, you can grown your own herbs. Monsters can drop herbs in the game that you can pick up. You can also trade other players for herbs. Vials can be bought from stores, traded for or dropped by monsters. You can also use your crafting skill to make a vial with a glassblowing pipe, sand and seaweed. To do this your crafting experience level has to be at 33.

Make an unfinished potion. Take your vial of water and add a primary ingredient, such as Guam, to it. This will result in what is called an unfinished potion. It will not be a true potion until you have added the secondary ingredient.

Complete the potion. Add your secondary ingredient, such as eye of newt, to your unfinished potion. This will make the potion complete. You will be able to use or sell your potion now, unless it is part of a quest.