Slayer Guide to Trolls in RuneScape

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As we RS fans all know that it has many different skills for players to train. One of these skills, "Slayer," is only available to members, or those who have paid a fee to play the game. With the Slayer skill, special Slayer masters assign monsters for a player to kill, and killing assigned monsters raises the "Slayer" skill. One of the monster types a player might be assigned is "trolls."


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To train the Slayer skill, a player must first have his or her character talk to a Non Player Character or NPC called Turael in the town of Burthorpe. He is one of seven total Slayer Masters. When your character talks to a Slayer Master, you can receive assignments to kill monsters that will give you Slayer experience points. Only killing monsters that fulfill the monster type that has been assigned to you will give you Slayer experience points. When you kill a certain number of the monster type you have been assigned, you can go to a Slayer Master for a new assignment.

Slayer Masters
Each Slayer Master assigns different monsters. Chaeldar and Sumonda both sometimes assign trolls as Slayer assignments. Chaeldar is found in the Throne Room near the entrance to the Lost City. Level 70 combat is the requirement for obtaining assignments from Chaeldar. Sumonda is found in a house in the town of Pollnivneach. Receiving assignments from Sumonda requires level 85 Combat, 35 Slayer and the completion of the quest "Smoking Kills." While there are many locations to find trolls and many different types of trolls, two of the larger areas are the islands of Jatizso and Neitiznot and the Troll Stronghold.

Jatizso and Neitiznot
The areas Jatizso and Neitiznot are part of a series of islands that can only be accessed by boat from the city of Rellekka. The islands are inhabited by Ice Trolls, which count towards a Slayer task of trolls. There are several different types of Ice Trolls. Runts are level 74 monsters and females are level 82 monsters. Both are found all over the islands around Jatizso and Neitiznot. Males are level 82 monsters and Grunts are level 100 monsters. Both are found on the northernmost island. It should be noted that this location is only available to players who have started the quest "The Fremennik Isles."

Troll Stronghold
The Troll Stronghold is an area in the north of RuneScape, and is directly north of the town of Burthope. Entering this area requires starting the "Troll Stronghold" quest. Mountain Trolls, which can be levels 69 or 71, and Troll Generals, which are level 113, inhabit the Troll Stronghold. The Generals are found inside the buildings, while the Mountain Trolls wander about the entire stronghold. Areas around the Troll Stronghold, such as Trollheim and Trollweiss Mountain, are also inhabited by trolls.