Buy RuneScape Gold Online Guide

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Gold is an important aspect of the massively-multiplayer-online-role-playing game RuneScape, which was created by Jagex Games Studio. As the game's official currency, it is used to purchase goods and aid trading efforts between players. Although there are plenty of ways to acquire gold within the game, some players resort to other methods online.


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Rule Breaking
Buying RuneScape gold online is against the game's rules, as outlined in its "Terms and Conditions." The rule, effective February 17th, 2010, states: "Game items must only be exchanged for other items/services within the game. Exchanging game items for items or other benefits in other online games, real-life money or other real-life benefits is not allowed." Catching cheaters who buy gold or other services with real money is one of Jagex's top priorities. Players who participate in this real-world trading will get their account banned, as well as any accounts associated with the same IP address.

Auction Sites
At one time, listings for RuneScape gold and other items on auction sites were very easy to find. Once placing the winning bid on an auction, the buyer would be instructed to meet the seller in the game's virtual world to receive the gold. However, this method became very scarce once Jagex increased efforts to find and eliminate gold sellers.

Existing Methods
Besides auction sites, other methods to buy gold have prevailed. Many websites now exist with the sole purpose of selling gold, items, and other services on RuneScape for actual cash. After making a purchase using PayPal, a credit card, or mailed currency, these websites will often ask for your account name and password. Employees then enter your account and play, earning cash or other items. They do the work so you don't have to. Although giving up your password is very risky, any method used to acquire gold is based on trust. You have to read customer reviews and trust the service that you are using.