How to Do Hunter in RuneScape

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Hunter is one of the many skills you can learn in "RuneScape," the online fantasy role-playing game. To develop a skill in "RuneScape," you use the skill repeatedly, gaining experience. To start training in the Hunter skill, you'll need to buy some hunter equipment from a store, and then travel to one of the Hunting areas in the gameworld. You will gain experience for every creature you successfully catch using the Hunter skill. Your character can be injured while hunting; if this happens, eat some of your food to replace lost life points.


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Equip your weapons and armor. Travel to Yanille or Nardah and go to one of the Hunter stores. Buy basic Hunting items: a noosing wand and a bird snare. You should also buy a butterfly net and jar, although you cannot use these until you are a Level 15 Hunter.

Examine your RuneScape map. Hunting areas are indicated with an animal paw icon. Travel to one of the five indicated Hunting areas; the Feldip Jungle is a good place to start.

Set up a bird snare east of the Feldip Jungle, in an area where crimson swifts are circling. Wait some distance away for a swift to land on the perch. Once a bird lands on the snare and is caught, it will leave feathers that you can use as a raw material.

Travel to the Rellekka Hunter area or another location where you can hunt kebbits. Find a kebbit burrow. Inspect it; you will see pawprints leading away from the burrow. Follow the trail of pawprints, searching long grass, fallen logs and other places where an animal might take cover to see where the kebbit went. Keep looking until you find the kebbit, and then catch it using your noosing wand.

Find and pick up a log. Locate a boulder and use the "Set Trap -- Boulder" option to convert it into a deadfall trap: the boulder is lifted up and the log is propped underneath. When a kebbit knocks away the log, the trap will kill it. You can only use the deadfall trap on kebbits.

Continue to catch birds, kebbits and butterflies until your Hunter level is 15 or above. Travel to the Piscatoris Hunter area. Find "ruby harvest" butterfies -- other butterflies require higher levels of Hunter to catch -- and try to catch them with your net by left-clicking on the butterfly while carrying the butterfly net and jar in your inventory. This will automatically attempt to net the butterfly and place any butterflies you catch in your jar.

Continue to catch birds, butterflies and animals to increase your Hunter level. As your level increases you will be able to set different kinds of traps, hide your scent more effectively, use more sophisticated Hunter equipment -- such as camouflage -- and catch different creatures. Visit different locations to find different prey. Eat food to heal your character if you are injured.