How to Get Fast Tokens on Dungeoneering in RuneScape

accountmmo Date: Sep/25/14 11:07:01 Views: 631

RuneScape is a fantasy themed massively multi-player online role-playing game. Dungeoneering is a skill that allows the player to raid the dungeons of Daemonheim. Experience gained in Daemonheim will yield Dungeoneering tokens at the rate of one token for every 10 points of experience. These can then be used to buy Rewards from Marmaros the Rewards Trader.



1).Take the ferry on the River Lum, between Lumbridge and Al Kharid. When you reach the peninsula of Daemonheim, follow the light grey paths to the castle.
2).Talk to the Dungeoneering tutor and accept the Ring Of Kinship.
3).Left-click the Ring Of Kinship to bring up your party interface. Click on the button marked "Form Party."
4).Find a dungeon entrance and enter Daemonheim.
5).Complete the dungeon floor. Do not clear every room or fight monsters that are not in your way. Choose the quickest way through the floor you can find.
6).Choose complexity level 2 for the next floor. Complete the floor as quickly as possible. Choose complexity level 3 for the next floor and continue until you have unlocked complexity level 6.
7).Click the Ring Of Kinship. Click "reset." This resets your current progress through the dungeons but preserves your prestige. Your prestige adds a multiplier to experience gained, so you will gain more experience when you repeat the floors.
8).Enter Daemonheim as described in Section 1.
9).Form a party by right-clicking on other players and selecting "Invite." Select players of at least your own level.
10).Select complexity level 6.
11).Pass through the floors you have already completed as quickly as possible.
12).Split up the party to explore more rooms when you unlock new floors. Opening rooms that are not on the most direct route through the dungeon will add more experience. Kill all monsters you find and use any non-combat skills you can.
13).Click the Ring Of Kinship at the end of the session. Click "reset" to reset your prestige.