How to get millions of runescape gold fast

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RuneScape as one of the most popular multiplayer online role-playing games on the Internet. With millions of registered accounts, it was recognized as the most popular free MMORPG game of 2007 and 2008. "RuneScape" takes place in a medieval fantasy realm, allowing players to travel and fight their way through each region. To be a "RuneScape" master, you must have the best armor and equipment to earn money. Getting rich on "RuneScape" takes time, for you cannot get rich overnight. 


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Find a skill that you enjoy performing. With the release of Dungeoneering, there are 25 possible skills to train on "RuneScape." Select a skill and train it as much as possible. If you choose a production (Runecrafting, Herblore, Crafting, Fletching, Cooking and Smithing) or a resource (Hunter, Farming, Fishing, Mining and Woodcutting) skill, you will produce or receive more costly items as you gain levels. Creating items from raw materials have a higher rate of return.

If you choose to train a combat (Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Magic and Slayer) skill, you will gain combat levels, thus becoming stronger and having the ability to fight high-level monsters. The higher the monster's level, the better the chance of receiving a rare and profitable item. Some skills (Summoning, Prayer, Firemaking and Construction) on "RuneScape" cost money to train for, so do not train these skills until you have the resources to do so.

Purchase items with the intention of selling them for a profit. Throughout "RuneScape," there are stores that sell items cheaper than you can purchase on the Grand Exchange. Check the current Grand Exchange prices and compare them to the store prices. Purchase as many of the item as possible and sell them for a profit. Items that are high in demand will sell for a maximum price, so consider these items first. Some examples of high demand items are Rope, Vial of Water and raw cooking materials.

Steal items and sell them on the Grand Exchange. While performing the Thieving skill, you can steal items from stalls or NPC players. The higher your Thieving level, the more profitable items you can steal. One of the most profitable items to steal is seeds. These seeds are high in demand and can be thieved from a Master Farmer. By thieving the Master Farmer, you have a high chance of receiving Herb seeds. Depending on the seed, some sell for as much as 250,000gp (depending on the current Grand Exchange price). Ranarr, Snapdragon and Torstol seeds are always high in demand, yielding a large profit.

Complete the many quests of "RuneScape." A completed quest always reveals a reward. Quests reward gold, experience points, rare items and access to new places on RuneScape. You can always earn a profit by completing a quest and gaining access to new cities, allowing you to fight monsters that are more profitable.

Kill Chaos Druids. For lower-level players, a Chaos Druid is easy to kill and has expensive drops. Druids are famous for their herb-dropping rate. A Chaos Druid has a combat level of 13 and only 200 Life Points. They are found in the Taverly, Edgeville and Yanille dungeons; Chaos Druid Tower; and the Edgeville Resource Dungeon. Depending on the current prices at the Grand Exchange, each kill can earn you as much as 8,000gp. Chaos Druids also drop Law and Nature runes.

Kill Green or Blue Dragons. Using Ranged, Green and Blue Dragons can reveal a large profit. Dragon bones are always in demand, to train the Prayer skill, so the price of the bones can range from 5,000 to 6,000gp. Dragons also drop Dragonhide. The price of each Dragonhide ranges depending on the color. For each dragon you kill, you can expect a profit of at least 7,000gp. Dragons are located all over "RuneScape" in dungeons and throughout the Wilderness.

Save the gold that you earn. Try not to spend money on foolish items such as clothing. Purchase only what you need to complete your current task. It is fun to dress in crazy, expensive clothes, but these do not aid you in becoming rich. Save your money to purchase higher-level armor and weapons, and use these items to fight higher-level monsters.