How to Make a Crude Wooden Chair in RuneScape

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The crude wooden chair in RuneScape is one of the cheapest items to build when you are working on construction skill. It requires only Level 1 construction to build, so you can make it with no experience. A crude wooden chair is not a transportable item, however. You must construct it at your house and cannot move it from that location.


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Put at least two wooden planks in your inventory. You can get wooden planks from the sawmill operator, who is stationed at the Lumberyard located northeast of Varrock. If you have an axe in your inventory, you can chop down two normal trees to get two sets of logs, or go to the Lumberyard area and look for logs that respawn. Take the logs to the sawmill operator and ask him to make planks for you. Each plank costs 100 coins.

Get at least two nails, and put them in your inventory. The least expensive nails are bronze, because you can make them using a bronze bar and a hammer on an anvil. You also can purchase nails from the sawmill operator for seven coins apiece.

Purchase a saw for 13 coins from the sawmill operator, and put it in your inventory. Purchase a hammer for 13 coins from a general store, and put it in your inventory. The closest general store to the Lumberyard is in the center of Varrock.

Visit an estate agent, and purchase a piece of land for 1,000 coins. There is an estate agent’s office in Varrock east of the palace, and it is marked on the map with a house symbol. There is also an estate agent’s office in Falador, Ardougne and Seer’s Village. Talk to the estate agent to make the purchase.

Travel to Rimmington and find the house portal, located along the entrance to the town. The house portal is a flashing, purple circle. Click on the portal and choose “Go to your house (building mode),” and the game will transport you to your house.

Bring up the Room Creation Menu by clicking on the front door of your house. Choose to build a parlour for 1000 coins. Then click on one of the chair spaces in the parlour and choose "Crude Wooden Chair" from the menu. Your player will construct a crude wooden chair in the parlour. Each of these chairs requires two planks and two nails to build.