How to Make a Good Runescape House

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Player-owned houses in RuneScape are a very useful and versatile asset. You can invite other players to use your house for parties and visit the homes of other players to see what they have done with theirs. A good house in RuneScape requires time and money, but is well worth the effort. Houses provide additional opportunities to show off skills, get around RuneScape and train certain skills.


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Determine your goals for your house. Many players invest in a gilded altar in their chapel as one of the fastest ways to train their Prayer skill. A lectern in the study allows players to make valuable teleportation tablets. Portal rooms provide a quick jump to several possible locations, including Canifis. Kitchens provide unlimited supplies of basic ingredients. If you are interested in star chasing you should have an observatory, and no house party is complete without a combat room to show off your skills with your friends.

Train your Construction skill to the required level. Each room and item have specific requirements attached to them. This step takes time and money to achieve.

Acquire the necessary materials for the items you want to build in your house. The materials can be purchased on the Grand Exchange and some can be created from raw materials.

Build the rooms and items you want. You may build up to 32 rooms and have 2 floors and a dungeon. Every room has benefits and should be positioned near the entrance in order of importance to you. A workbench and portals are essential to have readily accessible.

Evaluate your house by inviting friends over. Have them explore your house and give you feedback. You can always rearrange your house if desired to improve it's efficiency and appeal. A formal garden adds a nice finishing touch to complete a house with an element of natural beauty.