How to Make Lots of RS Money Quick and Easy for F2P

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Free-to-play or F2P Runescape accounts are standard accounts that don't have costly added features. The game is played from within a web browser and relies on upgradable accounts and advertising to turn a profit. A staple of MMORPGs in general is the "auction house," a place where players can barter, haggle, trade, and generally make a fortune while participating in a vibrant virtual economy.


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Attack enemies who drop valuable items with relative frequency such as chicken feathers or essences and sell them in large stacks at the auction house at the going price. You can find an item's relative value by searching for the item in the auction house and comparing with other sellers. When attacking a single type of enemy for a particular product to sell, carry relatively little in your inventory to assure that you can carry more wares back--this saves time.

Collect raw materials, such as wool from sheep or ore from metal veins, and sell them in large stacks at the auction house. Raw materials sell at a vastly inflated price, since wealthy players can afford to buy them from you to craft more valuable items that have a a wide profit margin. You could also gain experience in crafting by doing it repeatedly and use your raw materials on your own to make more money in the auction house.

Buy low, sell high; in the auction house, look for deals on goods that can be sold for much more. Players who don't know the appropriate price to sell something at or who need gold currency quickly will offer lower prices that can be capitalized on by buying the item and quickly selling it back at a higher price. Most good deals come from higher-end products that are rare and don't have other examples in the auction house to give a price comparison.