How to Profit with Runescape Enchanting

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RuneScape is an online game that both free-to-play and pay-to-play members can enjoy. As in most games, you need virtual money to enjoy everything "RuneScape" has to offer. In this game you can utilize many methods to make thousands or even millions of gold. If you have a high Magic Level, you can enchant jewelry and other items because an enchanted item will sell for far more money. You can sell a Ruby Amulet for 1,150 gold pieces, but an Amulet of Strength will go for 1,322 gold pieces.

Buy the Emerald Amulet from the Grand Exchange for 600 gold pieces or craft it yourself. Raise your Magic Skill to Level 27. Use the Enchant Level Two Jewelry spell to enchant the Emerald Amulet. It will become an Amulet of Defense. Sell the Amulet of Defense for 730 gold pieces. You will gain 130 to 600 gold pieces in profit.

Collect or buy about 100 Sapphire Rings and enchant them with the Enchant Level One Jewelry spell. Sell the Rings of Recoil for 860 gold pieces each. If you bought the Sapphire Rings to make the Rings of Recoil, you will earn 38,000 gold pieces in profit. You will make 86,000 in profit if you collected the Sapphire Rings for free.

Use your Crafting Skill to create an Onyx Amulet with an Onyx and a Gold Amulet. Instead of selling the Onyx Amulet for 12.4 million gold pieces, enchant it with the Enchant Level Six Jewelry spell. The Onyx Amulet will turn into the Amulet of Fury which you can sell for 14 million gold pieces.

Cast the Enchant Level Four Jewelry spell on a Diamond Ring. Upon enchantment, the Diamond Ring will turn into the Ring of Life. A Diamond Ring sells for 8,200 gold pieces. A Ring of Life will sell for 8,500 gold pieces, which means you earn 300 gold pieces in profit.