How to Turn Little Money Into Big Money in RuneScape

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The online game RuneScape requires you to train your skills, kill monsters and produce a profit. Not having a lot of money can make gameplay difficult. To turn a small amount of money into big money, you must use your resources as an initial investment. Although there is no easy way to make money on "RuneScape," you can use the initial investment to purchase armour, weapons, food and many other resources to multiply your wealth.


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Purchase armour and a weapon from the Grand Exchange. Your Defense and Attack levels determine the type of armour and weapons you can wield. If your Defense and Attack level is under five, purchase iron armour and weapons. If you have a Defense and Attack level of 20, purchase mithril armour and weapons. Adamant requires a Defense and Attack level of 30, and rune requires a level 40.

Killing Monsters
Kill monsters throughout RuneScape.If you are a non-member, kill monsters in the Stronghold of Player Safety in Barbarian Village or the Stronghold of Security in Edgeville. Each location contains a wide variety of monsters to accommodate any combat level. If you are a member, kill chaos druids in the Taverly Dungeon, Edgeville Dungeon or the Edgeville Resource Dungeon. Chaos druids drop high-level runes, mithril bolts and herbs. Another alternative for member players is to kill dragons. Dragons are located throughout RuneScape and drop dragon bones and dragonhide. Each dragon kill produces a profit of at least 5,000 gold.

Sell the monster drops at the Grand Exchange. Combat only requires the purchase of a weapon, armour and food. After you receive enough gold to cover the amount of the armour, weapons and food, all other gold received is profit.

Purchase a pickaxe from the Grand Exchange. As with armour and weapons, your Mining level determines the type of pickaxe you can wield. Make sure to purchase the highest-level pickaxe to mine ore more efficiently.

Travel to a mine, and begin mining ore. If you are a non-member, mine at the Varrock east and west mines or Barbarian Village. Each location is near a bank, allowing for easy banking. If you are a member, choose a location that best meets your mining level. "RuneScape" provides more than 50 mines for members and only 18 for non-members.

Sell the ore at the Grand Exchange. Mining only requires the purchase of a pickaxe. After you receive enough gold to cover the cost of the pickaxe, all other gold received is profit.

Making Bolts (Member only)
Click the "Fletching Level" button on your user interface, and determine the type of bolt you can fletch. If your Fletching level is above Level 56, you can fletch bolts containing mithril. If your Fletching level is above Level 61, you can fletch bolts containing adamant. Rune requires at least a Level 69.

Purchase enough bolts and cut gems to create tipped bolts. Purchase one gem for every 12 bolts you wish to fletch.

Fletch the gems into bolt tips. To do this, you must have a chisel in your inventory. Use the chisel on the gems, and fletch 12 bolt tips from each gem.Use the bolt tips on the bolts to fletch tipped bolts. Sell the bolts on the Grand Exchange for a profit.