RuneScape Guide:How to Transfer Money to a Different RS Account

accountmmo Date: Sep/11/14 11:30:31 Views: 267

Many RuneScape players have multiple RuneScape accounts. However, it is typical for players to have one account that they consider to be their main one. Any wealth accumulated on alternate accounts is usually transferred to the main one. There are several methods of transferring money in RuneScape. Jagex is proactive about preventing people from buying RuneScape money and transferring it to their accounts, so each method has restrictions involved.


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Here is the instructions on transfering money to a different account
1.Log into the account you want to take the money from.
2.Drop the money on the ground. Be aware that if you drop more than your current trade limit, the excess money will disappear. You can check your current trade limit by opening a trade window with another player.
3.Log out of that account and log into the account that you want to transfer the money to.
4.Pick up the money from the ground.
5.Check current prices on the Grand Exchange to find a raw material that can be processed into a more expensive product. A common example is a log that can be changed into a bow.
6.Buy the raw material on the main account and process it into its finished form.
7.Transfer the money from the secondary account to the main one in exchange for these finished products. This allows trade restrictions to be met because the trade is balanced.

Tips & Warnings
1)You can increase your trade limit by completing more quests.
2)Trading real items to get RuneScape money is against the rules and may lead to getting banned.